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About Nicole

Nicole Bauer is an author, historian, meditation junkie, and huge tea aficionado. She is Associate Director of the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities, and an assistant professor of history at the University of Tulsa, but she is first and foremost a student in schoolroom Earth. Her academic research focuses on eighteenth-century France and the French Revolution, and her first book is Tracing the Shadow of Secrecy and Transparency in Eighteenth-Century France, published in 2023 and .

      She also researches how mindfulness, self-compassion and contemplative practices from indigenous cultures can help us find resilience and joy in our professional lives. Her upcoming book is Zen and the Anxious Academic: 

Resilience and Resistance through Contemplative Practice. She has written for the Washington Post, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Inside Higher Ed and others on topics including secrecy, meditation, mystical experiences, and flow states. She also publishes fiction, loves to travel, and will do just about anything for high-quality tea, especially oolong. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a very eclectic assortment of books and teas.

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